Kyle McCormick

Kyle McCormick

Vice President, Technology

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Kyle McCormick

Kyle McCormick is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse set of skills and experiences that make him a valuable asset to any organization. Currently, he works at Marital Dispute Advisors, a company that specializes in helping clients navigate complex and emotionally charged issues related to divorce and separation.

Prior to joining Marital Dispute Advisors, Kyle pursued his passion for mathematics and became a professor of mathematics. In this role, he taught a wide range of courses and conducted research in a variety of areas, including number theory and applied mathematics.

After leaving the academia, Kyle had a distinguished career in the United States Army, serving as a counterintelligence agent. During his time in this role, Kyle gained extensive experience in conducting investigations, analyzing data, and identifying potential threats to national security.

In addition to his military experience, Kyle also earned a law degree and worked as an attorney, specializing in civil litigation, criminal litigation, real estate and intellectual property law. He later transitioned into the technology sector, where he worked as a software engineer, developing cutting-edge software solutions for a variety of clients. Recently, he has worked as a Lead Software Engineer and Software Engineering Manager.

With his extensive background in counterintelligence, mathematics, law, and technology, Kyle brings a unique and valuable perspective to his work at Marital Dispute Advisors. His analytical skills, attention to detail, and ability to think critically enable him to identify the root causes of complex marital disputes and develop effective solutions that help clients achieve their goals.

Outside of Marital Dispute Advisors, Kyle enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with his family.

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