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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create Marital Dispute Advisors?

The divorce of almost every employee leads to absenteeism, loss of productivity, distractions to other team members and hurts a company’s bottom line.  Marital Dispute Advisors (MDA) was created to help employees resolve their divorce more quickly and less expensively and with less conflict. Our aim is to help employees return to full productivity faster thus improving the bottom line by saving the company many times the cost of the service.

How does MDA help shorten the divorce process?

MDA offers guidance and coaching to help employees manage the stress of divorce litigation more cost effectively which saves the individual time and money and reduces stress.  MDA's guidance leads to quicker agreements and less time spent in court, ultimately shortening the overall divorce process and returning the individual, their colleagues and the HR department to full productivity much faster than the average divorce.

What are the benefits for employers when employees have a shorter divorce process?

Employers benefit from employees going through a shorter divorce process as it reduces absenteeism, increases productivity, and maintains a positive work environment. This, in turn, can lead to cost savings and improved employee morale while also reducing the distractions to colleagues and the HR department.  This service virtually pays for itself by returning valued employees to full productivity much faster than the average divorce, usually by 30% or more.

Why should our company support employees during a divorce?

Supporting employees during a divorce demonstrates a company's commitment to their well-being and can positively impact employee retention, productivity, and morale.  Also, by returning employees to full productivity faster, MDA saves companies many times the cost of the service which improves the bottom line!

How does MDA affect employee retention?

Employees going through a stressful life transition such as divorce have a deep respect and appreciation for a company that steps up to help them through personal difficulties.  MDA can have a positive impact on employee retention by providing support and guidance during a challenging time, which demonstrates the company's commitment to their well-being.

What is the MDA library?

The MDA library contains hundreds of videos addressing virtually every topic of a divorce including pre- and post-divorce issues. These 4-to-6-minute videos are available 24/7 to help individuals address topics as needed including a series of "push videos" that are sent proactively to employees to address anticipated issues before they occur to help reduce stress and cost. While designed to assist non-C-Suite employees with assumably less complicated cases, library users can also access packages of hands-on coaching on an as-needed basis.

How can library users access MDA resources?

Library users can access MDA resources by signing in with the "Member Login" button on the upper right corner of the website using their company email address.  MDA works with HR departments to regularly update the list of employees eligible to access the library in order to provide our cost-effective services to every employee from the loading dock to the C-Suite.

Can you define MDA as an employee benefit?

MDA is an employee benefit designed to provide guidance and coaching to employees navigating a divorce. Our goal is to help them resolve the process more quickly and with less conflict, so they can return to productivity and maintain their well-being.  Because MDA services are designed to improve a company’s bottom line, the cost of the service should not have to be passed along to the employee as “shadow” income thus encouraging employees to utilize the service which further improves the savings to the company.

Does MDA offer legal advice? Why or why not?

MDA does not provide legal advice. Our focus is on guidance and coaching to help employees manage the divorce litigation process in a more efficient and harmonious manner. We encourage employees to consult with their own legal counsel for specific legal advice and we work efficiently with their legal counsel to achieve MDA’s primary goal of a more expeditious divorce.

What advantages do employees gain from a shorter divorce process?

A shorter divorce process can alleviate stress and emotional turmoil for employees, allowing them to maintain focus and productivity at work. A faster divorce reduces stress and can greatly reduce legal and accounting fees, one of the greatest contributors to stress. Reduced stress leads to increased job satisfaction and overall well-being all of which improves the bottom line!

Why should our company invest in helping employees with their divorce?

Investing in support for employees during a divorce leads to cost savings through reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and improved employee retention. A more efficient divorce reduces the negative impact on the divorcing individual, their colleagues and on the HR department thus saving the company many times the cost of the service.

How can employees sign up for MDA services?

Employees can sign up for MDA services by sending a message to or calling (888) 984-3971.

How can MDA provide benefits globally?

MDA can offer its services globally through online platforms and by allowing employees from around the world to access guidance and coaching during their divorce process. This ensures that employees in different locations can receive the support they need, regardless of where they are situated.

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