Help your business navigate divorce.

Divorce is disruptive to the individual and their workplace. MDA™ offers an employee benefit designed to minimize the negative impact of divorce — both for your employees and your company.

MDA has helped employees at leading companies

Divorce is disruptive.

A divorce can be all-consuming, wreaking havoc on productivity which negatively impacts the bottom line. The guidance provided by Marital Dispute Advisors™ helps employees make well-informed, non-emotional decisions during their divorce to shorten the divorce process, save time and money, and minimize workplace disruption, all while supporting employees during their time of greatest need.

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Shorten the length of the divorce

A streamlined divorce means reduced legal fees and less stress. Targeted divorce coaching helps employees through a complicated and confusing process to avoid traps and pitfalls that prolong the divorce process. Early financial analysis encourages resolution, reduces anxiety, and drives down the cost and duration of divorce.

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Help distracted employees avoid major mistakes and avoid disrupting colleagues

A contentious divorce can impair judgement, opening the door to major mistakes. Also, because divorce is all-consuming, the distractions can easily infect the work environment and colleagues. MDA's guidance provides the individual with prompt, targeted advice that significantly reduces stress and restores  productivity.

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Reduce absenteeism and Restore productivity

Divorcing employees are absent more than their colleagues, and are often distracted and disengaged while at work. By reducing the length of the divorce, MDA helps employees through the emotionally-charged waters of a divorce to minimize loss of productivity during the process and to restore them more quickly to full productivity.

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Mitigate disclosure of company information

Often, divorce attorneys request documents from companies regarding financial matters in a divorce. With a divorcing partner or C-suite member, such requests could include documents that contain confidential and/or proprietary information. Our advisors can review any firm documents before they are produced, thereby reducing potential for inadvertent production.

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Improve retention of high performers

Providing this unique service to your top performers helps them get through one of the most emotionally tumultuous and expensive life transitions. Feedback we've received from past clients reflects their deep appreciation for this no cost service and for the "no questions asked" support that MDA provides. That support gave them peace of mind they could not get elsewhere.

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Individual counseling to restore happiness and productivity

With MDA, divorcing individuals have access to experts such as therapists, financial advisors, attorneys and relocation support to address the specific needs of  each individual. Our solution-oriented experts help your employees see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then to step into that light as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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About Us

MDA's primary goal is to mitigate the length and impact of a divorce to allow your employees to get back to living a full life at home and at work.

Our benefit provides guidance and support for every aspect of divorce — legal, financial, and emotional.


We've helped hundreds of clients expedite their divorce proceedings to restore balance both at home and at work.

“The team at Marital Dispute Advisors are top notch. Prior to engaging MDA, I had racked up tremendous legal fees and was still in the beginning stages of the whole case. MDA reviewed my pleadings, invoices, and other documents to help me see that my case lacked a clear strategy. I highly recommend MDA to anyone going through a high conflict divorce or who finds themselves at a crossroads in their family law case.”

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