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Marital Dispute Advisors™ is an executive benefit designed to minimize workplace disruption, reduce absenteeism and restore productivity.

We provide guidance and coaching to eligible employees to make their divorce process simpler, shorter, more cost effective, and less stressful, allowing eligible employees to regain stability in their work and home life.

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The Story of Marital Dispute Advisors

MDA CEO, Michael Maguire, has had successful careers on Wall Street and on Broadway. During his particularly difficult divorce, he knew the process did not have to be so emotionally wrenching and tumultuous - he could see that strategy could greatly alleviate the turmoil on both parties and their children. He was motivated to help others have a better divorce experience, so he earned his Juris Doctor and became a successful Beverly Hills divorce attorney by focusing on strategy and minimizing tumult. Now, he and his team of like-minded individuals are bringing this strategy and guidance to your employees.

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Support We Provide

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Financial Analysis

An early understanding of finances reduces tension and the length of the divorce. That’s why professional financial review of the parties’ overall fiscal picture and retirement plans is key to providing in-depth knowledge of the overall finances to help the divorcing individual to make informed, non-emotional decisions regarding division of assets.

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Strategic Coaching

While MDA does not represent individuals in their divorce, they offer strategic guidance, tailored to each individual’s specific needs, to help the divorcing employee avoid the many traps and pitfalls that plague the divorce process. When requested, MDA can work with the employee’s attorney to further streamline the divorce process.

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Document Production Guidance

MDA understands that early and full disclosure of assets reduces tension and encourages resolution, and therefore guides the employee through the document gathering process. With MDA involved, the confidential and/or proprietary documents of the company are protected.

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Emotional Support

Our team of professionals includes therapist referrals for emotional guidance and support to help facilitate the divorce process.

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Concierge Service

MDA can provide assistance to individuals for the purpose of relocation, sale of real estate, finding solution-oriented attorneys, and other logistical needs when requested.


We've helped hundreds of clients expedite their divorce proceedings to restore balance both at home and at work.

“The team at Marital Dispute Advisors are top notch. Prior to engaging MDA, I had racked up tremendous legal fees and was still in the beginning stages of the whole case. MDA reviewed my pleadings, invoices, and other documents to help me see that my case lacked a clear strategy. I highly recommend MDA to anyone going through a high conflict divorce or who finds themselves at a crossroads in their family law case.”

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